Christmas is celebrated as the annual festival in the last month of the year for the birth of Jesus Christ.  For many people, Christmas is more than a holiday where they get to gather together with friends and family for bringing the good memories and good times. So, Christmas can be celebrated in another way also by decorating the christmas tree, putting lights around the windows. The Christmas day feast has lot of recipes from mashed potatoes to salads and all of them delicious.The recipes which we are discussing now are prepared in home during the festive season. Below are the 5 xmas recipe ideas to try this festive season.

Plum Cake

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 The most common recipe found during the Christmas is the plum cake.  The cakes are prepared with the plums and dry fruits items which is great to enjoy while eating with the loved ones during the Christmas. So, the preparation for the cake before one month when the nuts and plums are drenched into rum to get amazing flavour in the cake.

Roasted Chicken

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A Christmas dinner is incomplete without a meat. The Christmas dinner can be included with roasted turkey where many of them doesn’t like the taste of turkey instead roasted chicken can be good choice. With this any main course food can be added.


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Eggnog is a delicious beverage made during the Christmas time. It is usually prepared using milk, cream and egg as its essential elements and later it is flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg for the amazing taste. So, you can drink the eggnog while its warm or cold which is your preference.

Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

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This can be the compulsory dessert recipe that can be baked on Christmas and nothing can beat the smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. Also adding chocolate to the recipe can look delicious and this recipe is the must try for Christmas.

Roasted Turkey

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The roasted turkey is themust cooked recipe for Christmas dinner. So, this delicious recipe can be prepared with the loads of spices, nuts and herbs in it which can be ideal choice for the grand Christmas dinner party. Roasted turkey is prepared for the main course.

These are the must try recipes which can be cooked during Christmas season. Hope that my article has covered all the topics  about 5 xmas recipe ideas to try this festive season. Thanks for reading!

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