There is no other better occasion than Christmas to surprise your best friend. It is in fact, the best opportunity to show them how much you value them and need them in your life. It may be easy to pick up gifts in general, but if you want to make it special, you will have to personalise it. If you are not certain of what to exactly get for your homebody, don’t worry this post will do that for you. Here are a few best gifts for the best person in your life. You can also check if the gift suits your best friend’s personality before buying or making it. Here are the best choices of gifts on what to get your best friend for Christmas.


Customised Best Friend Portrait

Nothing else will delight your BFF more than this gift. Simply because it strikes the emotional chord. This custom illustrated portrait of you two will not only refresh good memories but also remind them of how special they are for you. To make it even more heart-touching you can add a sugary personalized message that you always wanted them to know.

Amethyst Crystal Air Plant

Your bestie is nothing less than a gem to you, so why not gift them a gem-like precious gift?  A beautiful sparkly addition to their room decor and a glittering message box will just fit right. You can choose the right colour and make that best friend of yours feel precious.

‘Big Hug’ Throw Blanket

Whenever your best friend is feeling pretty down, this cosy gift of yours will be there to remind them that you are always with them and you love them. This gift is perfect for them to snuggle up and go to bed or sit back and watch Netflix. Matching this giant size Throw blanket with the room will make them feel you know them so well!

Personalized Cocktail Set

If your bestie keeps thinking of new cocktail recipes, then let them show their talent in the Christmas party or upcoming New Year part with your gift.  If you have been wondering what to get your best friend for Christmas, then here’s the answer – a personalized cocktail set. The personalized cocktail set has the sleek bar tools and glass sets that you can customise with your besties initials. They are going to definitely regard the hard work and the fact that you know them so well will make them even more delighted.

‘I Promise’ Tray

This chic miniature trinket tray is the faultless little gift to give your special best friend who stays far away from home. The best reason to gift them this I Promise Tray is to not only remind them that you love them but also so that they can hang it as wall décor.


The fact that you are putting in effort in what to get your best friend for Christmas, shows what a caring and thoughtful person you are. Take pride in picking up one of these gifts for your bestie and watch their priceless reaction!

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