The Art Of Decorating Christmas Cake

Festivals and party events are times for friends and loved ones to gather together. Cake has played a vital role in many events for hundreds if not thousands of years. To make the event memorable excellent cake decoration is the best way. Decoration of a cake adds special sweetness to an event and makes it extra special. Christmas is one of the most important festivals for everyone and decorating a Christmas cake is a most integral part of Christmas. Special decoration of cake makes perfect impression at any event gathering.

Decorating Christmas cake is a wonderful experience and of course is a delicious treat. Cake should be decorated considering the theme of the event. Decorating Christmas cake sometimes seems challenging but one can make it fun. It take just a bit of practice.

Choosing the proper flavor matching the theme of the event is also very important. Rose flavored cake for Valentine’s Day is perfect but it doesn’t work for Christmas. The decoration of cake depends on its shape and the flavor. Flavor decides in which color cake should be decorated. A chocolate flavored cake must be decorated in chocolate color, pineapple flavored cake should be decorated in yellowish color.

There are many types of decorations. Basically, a cake with icing, candles, glass ornaments, and pine branches are more popular. Icing is an essential ingredient for decorating a cake. Numerous choices are there for decorating a Christmas cake; one may find photo galleries useful in this process. Decorating a Christmas cake with different shapes made up of fondant and gum paste mixed with icing is an excellent idea. Cut paper snowflakes serve as elegant adornments for small cakes when a non-greasy frosting is used.

Another most important part of cake decoration is the shape; size doesn’t really matter quite as much. Choosing a proper shape for a particular event is much more important. For decorating Christmas cake the shape of a Christmas tree adds meaning. Many shapes like the heart, leaf, square or even a rounded shape can also work. A stacked cupcake can be a perfect selection for events like Christmas.

Luster dust can be used to shine the cake. For extra decoration one can spread chocolates crush over it or can mount ice cream cones filled with butter cream. Using electronic lighting around the cake is a recent and innovative decorating idea that gives a different elegant look to the cake.

Fantastic Christmas Cakes With Buttercream Poinsettias!

The poinsettia, known as the Christmas Star in its native Mexico because of its star-like shape, blooms profusely in the wild at Christmas time in Hawaii, the Caribbean islands and its native Mexico.

This Christmas plant is favored so much in the United States that its holiday season purchases total more than the annual sales of any other potted plant here with 80 percent of these plants coming from a California grower. So it stands to reason, your cakes decorated with the perennial popular poinsettia will be a big hit!

Decorating with buttercream poinsettias is a beautiful (and with the following instructions) easy way, to bring Christmas cheer to your cakes whether as a featured decoration or as part of a Christmas scene you create.

Before we go on to the piping how-to’s for this incredibly easy to make flower, here are some striking ways you can use the scarlet red (hands down, the most popular variety) poinsettia on your Christmas cakes.

-A border of small poinsettias will provide a pretty frame for many Christmas cake designs. -Poinsettias can be part of the design. For example, on a cake decorated with snowmen, pipe a poinsettia on Mrs. Frosty’s hat. -Use the Christmas star in lieu of a bow on a cake decorated as a gift (where icing ribbons run horizontally and vertically over the top and down the sides like on a package). Pipe a large poinsettia in the center. -Create a poinsettia wreath around the top of the cake. Pipe a few rows of leaf borders (using dark green icing and overlapping), and then pipe your poinsettias on top of the wreath. Then with round tip, pipe red, holly berries in between the poinsettia. In the center of the cake, write your Christmas message. -Decorate a multi-tiered, stacked Christmas cake (or Christmas wedding cake) with cascading poinsettias. -Create a bouquet of poinsettias with cup cakes. Pipe the Christmas flower on top of each cupcake and then assemble your Christmas cupcakes on a large platter. Or place them on a tiered stand, and on the top tier, arrange real poinsettias in a vase.

And here are the buttercream piping instructions for your Christmas cake poinsettias.

First, you’ll need:

-Icing bags or parchment cones.

-Leaf tips (nozzles) 352 and 366 (Poinsettia petals are technically bracts, modified leaves, so it makes sense we use a leaf tip to create them 🙂

-Buttercream icing in red, green and a tiny bit of yellow.

-White frosted cake or cupcakes. (Cream-cheese frosting or snow-white buttercream works well, but the poinsettias are also pretty on chocolate ganache.)


1. If you’re going to write a Christmas message on your cake, remember to leave room for this. Practice first because you pipe these flowers directly onto your cake (or cupcakes).

2. With red buttercream icing and tip 366 in your bag, squeeze and pull out for each petal, continuing around until you have five. The wider end of the petals will meet in the center (it’s OK if the middle is a little empty because you will be adding more petals).

3. For your second layer, stagger the petals on top of the first layer. And, you may want to add a few in between on the bottom layer.

4. Then for a more natural look, use tip 352 with green icing to stagger the green immature petals behind the bottom layer of the red. This also sets off the red nicely and creates a more Christmassy look.

5. Finally, using round tip 3, pipe a few yellow dots in the center.

Variation: You could also create the green leaves with tip 366, making them the same size as the scarlet petals. Or conversely, if you want smaller flowers, use tip 352 for the petals.

Here’s a final, but important tip for your Christmas cakes. The amount of liquid food coloring needed for your red icing will bring a bitter taste (due to Red #2 in the coloring), so here’s what you can do to battle the bitter:

– Use more concentrated forms of color gel, paste and powder colorings are all more intense than liquid. These are found in specialty stores, large crafts stores, such as Michaels, and online.

Early Christmas Shop For the Best Christmas Gifts

Do you promise yourself each and every year that you will get all your Christmas shopping done early so that you can have a relatively stress free holiday season, only to find yourself shopping for last minute Christmas presents a day or two before Christmas day and having no idea what to get or where to get it? Proper planning is important. I am sure that you can come up with at least ten minutes a day or week to think about your Christmas list. The only way to have a stress free holiday season is to early Christmas shop for the best Christmas gifts.

As we get closer to the holiday season, you need to find a couple of minutes to compile a list if you haven’t done so already for the best Christmas gifts. Last minute shopping does not allow you to find the best Christmas gifts for your friends and family. A thoughtless gift is worse than no gift at all. Getting the best Christmas gifts requires that you put some thought into the task and early Christmas shop for the best Christmas gifts.

If you have no idea what holiday gifts to get and what would make great holiday gifts, find suggestions on or offline on the best gift ideas and where to find them or pay attention to any hints dropped by family and friends in order to prepare a list of the best Christmas presents.

Make this the year that you early Christmas shop. Most holiday shoppers usually wait until the very last minute which is seen with the crowds of people at the mall and other shopping centers and the resulting stress. Waiting until December to find Christmas presents also means that if you are using a credit card, you will have a large credit card bill in the new year to pay off. Early Christmas shopping for the best Christmas gifts allows you to spread out your expenses on Christmas presents.

Online shopping is continuing to explode and while you do not deal with the crowds, you need to place the orders early to ensure that you receive the best Christmas presents well before Christmas day especially if you need to mail some of these holiday gifts. Plan to shop early to avoid the stress of wondering whether you will receive the Christmas presents before Christmas. Although some online stores can gift wrap and mail the Christmas present to the recipient for you, I prefer my own wrapping and you do not want the recipients to receive the Christmas presents too early or too late.

Various stores and other outlets should have information on some of the best gift ideas to help you with your Christmas list. You also need to set a budget that you stick to when reviewing the best gift ideas.

This information on the best Christmas gifts usually contains lists of the best Christmas gifts for men, the best Christmas gifts for women and the best Christmas gifts for girls and boys in order to help you come up with ideas on great holiday gifts to fill out your Christmas list. Once you spend some time compiling this Christmas list early of the best Christmas gifts and made the purchases, you can then have a relaxing and stress free holiday season because would have done all your Christmas shopping early.

One of the best ways to Christmas shop early for the best Christmas gifts that you can keep in mind for next year’s Christmas since it is already late in the year 2010, is to shop in the few days after Christmas day 2010 for for the following year’s holiday gifts since a vast number of stores both off and online have various sales to prepare for the new year by getting rid of excess inventory which means that you will be able to get some of the best Christmas gifts for the following year.

Some of the best gift ideas for 2010 will more or less still apply for the coming year. For electronics, you will probably have to wait until the coming year before making purchases because updates occur frequently in this area.

Another tip to help you with early Christmas shopping for the best Christmas gifts once you have reviewed any lists showing the best gift ideas, is to purchase two gifts instead of one gift for the people on your list at the time of their birthday so that you can give them one gift as a birthday gift and the second gift at Christmas time.

These are only a few tips to keep in mind that will ensure that you have a relatively stress free time at Christmas because all your Christmas presents would have been purchased and wrapped since you properly planned and put a lot of thought into your gift giving and allowed yourself enough time to come up with the best Christmas gifts for your family and friends.

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